Your quilting is good enough.

Your quilting is good enough.

I don’t know a quilter who starts showing her quilt albeit maybe just to friends who does not say “but don’t look at my appliqué stitches, my points or what ever failure they focus on.” I have a few thoughts on the subject that I want to share. I titled this post about quilter’s inhibitions of sharing their work to give you the opportunity “to get over it”!!

I started this Canada 150 Quilt Along for quilters, naturally, to sell my pattern.  However, if you haven’t met me yet, you might not know my focus had always been on building communities of practice whether it is technology, education and now quilting. So the Quilt Along is really about getting together and quilting. I would like to see your quilting often during the quilting stages. Tara McInerney “quilterstashhas been posting pictures and asking for advice on her colour choices in the group and on Instagram.  Several other quilters have been sharing as well but I haven’t asked their permission to post their names. Thanks so much for those who have been sharing. Awesome quilts to view!! take a look please in the Canada 150 Quilt Along  Facebook group. If you are uncomfortable or do not know how to share a photo, email me directly at lorna [@] and I will post it for you in the Canada 150 Quilt Along  Facebook group.  Take out brackets when you send me your email. I write my email address like that to reduce spam.

Maybe you are shy about joining in because you have never quilted with a walking foot on your domestic machine.  Consider downloading my free pillow pattern and give it a try. Even if you don’t buy my pattern now; getting started with walking foot when quilting might prompt you to come back later and try it.  Craftsy usually has good promotions so Jacqui Gering’s online video Creative Quilting With Your Walking Foot from: Craftsy course will get you started and wanting to do more. 

Please note I often start my show and tell with don’t look at …….!!!!

So here I am  “being brave” sharing my mistakes. 

  • The nests on the back of my quilt. Solution: Tell myself that I am the one sleeping under the quilt or as my friend Debbie says. “if they are not quilters they won’t see anything wrong.” 
  • The tucks I make when I come to cross over previous rows of quilting. Solution: sew another row over the tucks so they won’t show.
  • Quilting knit and woven fabrics together with sashing and they make horrible tucks. Solution: Straight line quilting criss crossing the quilt to hide the tucks and later say how brilliant I was to quilt in such a unique fashion. 
  • Cutting a 12.5″ by 12.5″ block too short despite “measure twice cut once.” Solution: piece the block with of course the same fabric. You can’t see it when the quilt is all quilted and I quilt it myself so no one else will know.
  • Sewing a block together in reverse or quilting over the backing fabric to make nice folds in the backing at the edge of the quilt. Solution: Get out the seam ripper and tell yourself how much you like what I call reverse quilting!!

That wasn’t too hard.. there are a lot more mistakes I could share but I don’t want to give anyone the impression that I always make mistakes. I am happy with my quilt and the quilting despite the lumps and bumps that only I know about. ( insert smiley face) Looking forward to seeing your quilts!