Week 6 Intense detail quilting

Week 6 Intense detail quilting

To all those who have chosen to quilt their Canada 150 quilt with a walking foot on their domestic machine Congratulations on taking on the project. Week 6 concentrates on quilting the maple leaves.

 I am hoping that you are in a groove quilting your trees and getting ready to take on the maple leaves. The advice for going slow is still on the menu as we move on to some very dense quilting. This is the time you will need to frequently turn the quilt as you echo the maple leaf.  Use the side of your walking foot to measure 1/4″ space between lines to fill in the negative space in the block. When I got into the corners and the area was small I pulled out the famous frixon pen to help me set the slant of the lines and keep track of where I was located.

I choose to continue to quilt using “match stitch” quilting inside the maple leaf as well echoing the outside. Refer to  WALK: Master Machine Quilting with Your Walking Foot” by Jacqui Gering for detailed instructions on how to match stick quilt.

Note the difference between the sections of the maple leaf with and without the quilting. The heavy quilting on the rest of the quilt will emphasize areas not also quilted and make the unquilted section look puffy in comparison to the rest of the quilt. You can either like the puffiness and stop or quilt the heck out of it. The first time I quilted my pattern and thought I was done I encountered the difference between the maple leaves and the rest of the quilt. I did what any quilter does (said a few choice words and then asked a friend what to do. Thanks Effie Faubert.) I did not want the puffiness and on Effie’s advice I quilted the maple leaf with dense machine quilting.  I drew a line in the centre of the leaf, quilted that line and then quilted on either side with 1/2″ lines . Once I finished that I quilted more lines between those lines (match stick quilting). Trust me! I was anxious to get that puffiness gone!  

Turning the quilt numerous times for the maple leaf takes some patience. Two things I do to make the turn easier:

1. When possible turn back and forth on one side of the quilt only instead of a full circle. That means moving just the top side of the quilt back and forth for the top maple leaf or the bottom for the lower quilt. See my picture below.
2. Be brave and stitch backward the 4 stitches needed between columns for areas like the trees. You really won’t see any wobbles and it saves a turn. Think of this whole process as weight lifting and getting your daily work out. 

Keep Quilting!! Show me how you are doing in the Facebook group. Week 7 will finish off with marking and quilting the lower part of the quilt.