Week 2 Flying Geese

Week 2 Flying Geese

Flying geese are found in some many patterns. I love them either traditional and wonky and I hope you do as well. Many of you have your pattern and are getting ready to cut your fabric. You have enough fabric allowed in the fabric requirements to make the flying geese using either the traditional construction method or the ” 4 in 1″ method. I included the directions in the pattern to make the traditional method of making flying geese and I left the conversation about the ” 4 in 1″ method to this blog post. I do like the faster way of making flying geese with the “4 in 1” method but it has it’s limitations. More to come on that.

The “how to”,  I leave to Debbie Tucker. Debbie has a special ruler called the Wing Clipper that really helps make accurate flying geese using the “4 in 1” method. You can find her instructional  youtube video that explains how to make flying geese using the “4 in 1″ method and how she uses her Wing Clipper ruler. If you are looking for the fabric sizes for the 3 1/2″ x 6 1/2”, the fabric requirements for the various sizes of flying geese are posted here.  

I make mistakes all the time (too many to count). When I was making quilt for my granddaughter I didn’t notice when I used the “4 in 1” method that the fabric I used had a directional print. As a result, the wings were going in two different directions when I used the “4 in 1″method. 

Let me say at first that the traditional method is the best way to keep the wings of the flying geese go in the same direction but it is possible to make the wings of the geese go the same way using the “4 in 1″method.

Here is my first attempt at creating a video tutorial in which I explain my approach to working with fabrics whose design is printed in one direction. (Much appreciation to Debbie Eccles who held the camera for me.) I also capture my appreciation for the Wing Clipper and the accurate flying geese it helps to produce. 


Thanks to Tara McInerney for her beautiful photo. She makes you want to stroke that fabric!!