Come Walk with me.

Come Walk with me.

Join us for a Five Week Project Quilt Along with New and Not-so-new quilters. We’ll be quilting on a domestic machine using a Walking Foot. Together we’ll create 5 manageable projects that’ll get you quilting like a pro on your own machine.

Hmm …..What’s a Walking Foot? A Walking Foot is an attachment that feeds fabric equally on top and bottom while stitching. Why is that important? Can’t I use my normal foot? A walking foot helps eliminate fabric bunching and feeding unevenly while you sew across your quilt. Sure you
can quilt without it and I have done it but you won’t be as happy with your results. 

Some machines come with the foot but you can usually buy one that will fit your machine. Contact your sewing machine dealer or online to locate one for your machine. It’s good to patronize your local Shops.

Quilt along? together we’ll work online creating 5 manageable projects that you can …Stash Bust…to create. “Wow I did that myself.” 

WATCH FOR MY POST: The how and where  to join and follow. Happy Quilting !!