Almost done!!!!

Almost done!!!!

Congratulations to all the quilters who have created their own special versions of this pattern. It is amazing to see this pattern come to life through the eyes of other quilters. If you haven’t already and you want to make a quilt of your own, please join the Facebook group to see the wonderful quilts being made. For those of you quilting on your domestic machine, these are the final steps I took to quilt the lower half of the quilt.

I took my mighty frixon pen and drew the curves on my quilt in a fashion similar to the diagram below. I used the lines as a reference when I walked all over the quilt (not literally). I would quilt on one of the lines drawn and then quilt along side of that line until I had filled in a section. I kept the lines reasonably close to maintain the dense texture that I had quilted in the top half of the quilt. I changed direction as needed and worked from the centre out. It was still easier for me to hide stitches instead of turning the quilt all the time.  There are no right or wrong lines or rules to follow.  If you veer off your path, only you will know it was not your intention.

As you can see in my quilt picture, I also departed from straight lines to make gentle curved lines wherever I felt I needed them. In  my mind, they resembled a few waves and that added to my overall design of Canada from sea to sea. A good reference for quilting gentle curves is Jacqui Gering’s explanation and instructions.  Consider practicing on a few quilt sandwiches to get a sense of  how to guide your machine. Then add them as needed or not at all. It is your quilt!! 

If you are nervous about drawing all over your quilt, you can try out your plans by putting a piece of plastic wrap or similar piece of plastic over page 2 of your pattern to test out possible quilt lines. The main thing is to have fun and quilt.








 This is the last in the series Canada 150 Quilt Along. A very big thank you to everyone who bought the pattern and a special cheer to those who have used their imaginations and talents to create the quilt for others to enjoy. Hopefully all wrapped up nice and warm. Please continue to post in the Facebook group and share your experiences with making your Canada 150 Quilt. 


Note: I have updated the pattern (May 26, 2017) to include a template for a small maple leaf should  you choose to replace the Canada 150 text with 3 small maple leaves.