Day or Evening – we are meeting up

Our first meet up went really well. We lumped and bumped at bit until we could solve an echo problem but after that we rolled up our sleeves and got down to the business of talking about quilts! We have decided to organize a meet up for both the day and evening. Come once – come as often you want.

We would love to have you join us! The link to the Adobe Connect room is If you are new to using Adobe Connect please take a look at the User Guide link here: VQS_Guide_for_Participants

We decided to go ahead and host a weekly quilt along. We will be looking at which pattern to use at our next meet up.

Wednesday July 8, 2015 at 11:00 AM (EDT)
Thursday July 9, 2015 at 8:00 PM (EDT)

Feel free to join the Facebook Group “Sew Network”

The Moda Modern Building Blocks pattern is a possibility and there are no hard fast rules so what ever pattern you want you can still participate in the meet ups.
Tania Denyer “I am Ginger Quilts: offered to create a pattern just for our quilt along and other good events. Tania has a good eye for colour and design and having had a preview I know I want to give it a try. Hope you will join us at our next meet up

the Sew Network Meet up and Quilt Along

You are invited to participate in our online meet up and quilt along. The Sew Network Meet up is scheduled for it’s first meeting tomorrow night, Thursday July 2, 2015 at 8:00 PM EDT ( time zone converter link

This is a leap of faith into using technology to connect quilters (aka sewers) in real time. Please join us .. just to listen.. show and tell … share your experiences and knowledge…what ever works for you. We hope you join us for our weekly meet up. You don’t have to join the Facebook group to participate in the meet up or the quilt along. The group is a great conversation and support for the meet ups.

The meet up is in an Adobe Connect Room. Adobe connect has a mobile app for tablets/ipads and phones so it is easy to listen in with them or on your computer.

The link to the Adobe Connect Meeting room is: the sew network Meet Up room
Full link:

The room will be open at 7:45 PM for anyone wanting to test the use of your web camera for show and tell.

Haven’t used Adobe Connect? Here is a user guide for how to participate. VQS_Guide_for_Participants

Our Facebook group is growing quickly and already we are organizing a quilt along. Wendy Wilton, a member of the the Sew Network Facebook group suggested the Moda Modern Building Blocks quilt and we will be working through the details of how best to organize the quilt along.

The pattern for the sample is made by Moda.

The Sew Network 1st Meet up

With the feed back I have been receiving about day and time to meet up, I have scheduled the first meet up for Thursday July 2, 2015 at 8:00PM EDT
Here is a Time Zone Converter for your reference.

The link to the Adobe Connect Meeting room is: the sew network Meet Up room

Full link:
More info to follow:


Meeting dates and times

Setting the day and time for the meet ups requires overcoming the hurdles of time and distance. Finding the perfect fit for everyone is tough so I am going to post some possible options and it would be helpful if you could indicate any that could work. I am in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. My time zone is Eastern Day Light (EDT) Use this time zone converter to find out the time in your city.

the Sew Network

I have created a new Facebook group – “sew network” for anyone interested in meeting up for a weekly quilters “show and tell” using Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect is a free software program for participants that allows anyone with a computer, mobile phone or tablet to connect with audio and video. If at all interested, feel free to join the group.

You can use this Adobe Connect System Check to test your computer settings or download the Adobe Connect App at the App store.

You can listen to a “sew network” meet up with any of these above methods. If you want to “show” you can either share a photo in the group on Facebook or activate your web camera during the live meet up.

The time and date of the meet up will be organized once the group gets established.

Mom, Erin is having a baby.

There is a specific theme that you will notice if you follow my post and that is “If you know any quilter, ” show and tell” is one of things that quilters just have to do!” We have guild meetings and sew-ins just to give our families a break from the “see what I made today!”

So when Irene a while back now said that Erin is having a baby, it was a great reason for me to make a quilt. In fact numerous quilts have been made for babies since Annie was born. Think of all those people at baby showers who where an audience for my show and tell. (all you quilters will know what I mean) Piecing was fun for Annie’s quilt but I was soon challenged by having to turn the quilt so many time to echo the blocks. Whew. ” Never again !”, I said.  I will never try to quilt my quilts on my home sewing machine – well – then Sidney’s graduated from High School. That is my next post.

2013-02-27 08.44.11

In the beginning

Had you asked me three years ago, if I was a quilter I would have screwed up my nose thinking I was (nose up in the air) not an old lady with needle and thread bent over a quilting frame and above that sort of thing.

I’ve sewn a fair bit over the years for my four children and my small  home business making vintage and french hand sewn clothing.  However, my first quilt for my first baby was such a disaster  I never attempted to make one again until… my daughter wanted to learn how to quilt. She signed up for a beginner’s course and they needed an extra student to make the necessary numbers to run the class. So I said yes. I mean when your daughter asks you to be part of her world who could say no?

I learned very quickly that there is a whole new world of sewing that I knew nothing about. One – being patient with a sewing machine. I was familiar with the delightfully slow process of creating fine hand embroidery but serging and machine work – pedal to the metal and get the job done. That was before I meet the 1/4″ seam!

Thanks to Leslie Grivich and Kindred Spirits Quilt Co. I found a new life style and career. I’m a Quilter!

It is really exciting to be part of the next generation of crafters, quilters and DIYers who are exploding with new ideas that keep the fine traditions of hand crafting going. The perception that quilters are a thing of the past has been completely blown away.

The link below is to Leslie’s blog where she posted pictures weekly of our work. You will see one of the blocks which is a part of our beginner sampler.  I should mention that should you get the notion that you want to learn how to quilt start at Kindred Spirits. You won’t be disappointed.

Test your skills which are the mother and daughter team?

Happily learning new things