Meeting dates and times

Setting the day and time for the meet ups requires overcoming the hurdles of time and distance. Finding the perfect fit for everyone is tough so I am going to post some possible options and it would be helpful if you could indicate any that could work. I am in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. My time zone is Eastern Day Light (EDT) Use this time zone converter to find out the time in your city.

Mom, Erin is having a baby.

There is a specific theme that you will notice if you follow my post and that is “If you know any quilter, ” show and tell” is one of things that quilters just have to do!” We have guild meetings and sew-ins just to give our families a break from the “see what I made today!”

So when Irene a while back now said that Erin is having a baby, it was a great reason for me to make a quilt. In fact numerous quilts have been made for babies since Annie was born. Think of all those people at baby showers who where an audience for my show and tell. (all you quilters will know what I mean) Piecing was fun for Annie’s quilt but I was soon challenged by having to turn the quilt so many time to echo the blocks. Whew. ” Never again !”, I said.  I will never try to quilt my quilts on my home sewing machine – well – then Sidney’s graduated from High School. That is my next post.

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Happily learning new things